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​The Board of Directors of the Power from the Past EDGETA Branch 240 address the on-going needs of the organization on a monthly basis. The Board meets at 6 pm. on the FIRST Monday of every month. Board meetings are held at Peace in the Valley Lutheran Church,
​551 South J Six Ranch Road, Benson, AZ.
All Board Meetings are open to the general membership. Feel free to contact any Board member with questions or items for the Board's discussion.

 Leadership for 2021-2022 (Nov. 2021)
President : Gregory Skaggs,         520 603-1418
Vice President --
Secretary : Matt Stewart,      360 813-2171
Treasurer & Membership: --
Engine Chair: Lyle Rasmussen,    520 780-2487
Tractor Chair: Seth Hoyte,     520 971-2944
Safety Chair: Mel Perkins,  520 400-1948