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Safety is the Name of the Game!
We meet from time to time to show and pull tractors to enjoy the fellowship and friendship of people who share an interest in preserving the past while having fun. Tractor pulls will remain successful events as long as we ensure fellowship, friendship, and enjoyment are valued above competition. The following rules are to ensure that our tractor pulls and events are safe, fair, and enjoyable for all. Events are designed for beginning and experienced pullers and show tractors, and to promote stock pulling.
• Track and safety officials will conduct a safety and procedure meeting just prior to the start of each pull. At each event specific rules and regulations will be put forth. All drivers, track workers and event representatives must attend.
• Track workers, sled operators, flagmen, and safety officials must be knowledgeable and current Members of Power From The Past association.
• Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified or barred from hooking to the sled.
• Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times.
• All tractors must have a kill switch installed or other means for the operator to stop the engine (fuel shut-off, throttle shut-off, etc). This must be in easy reach of the operator and in good working condition.
• Participants must be current club members.
• Drivers 17 and under must have parental/guardian consent and supervision and must meet the driver standards and pass a certification test.
• Drivers must stay on the seat of the tractor at all times. Hands must be on the steering wheel, hand brakes, hand clutch, or throttle at all times during the pull.
• Tractor drivers when being hooked to the sled must put their tractors in ”neutral” and have their brakes applied and hands clear of all controls (hands and arms extended).
• Participants must be registered at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the pull.
• At events not using on-site scales, a weight ticket (tractor + driver + all weights) must be provided by the driver.
• There is no allowance on weight for any class. Weight of class is maximum weight allowed.
The tractor maximum weight size has been dropped to 12,000 lbs. Please be aware that if your tractor has a loader mounted on it that it should pull in the next class heavier than the same model without a loader. Placing your tractors in the weight classes will be totally on the honors system. We are here to have fun and be safe.
Tractor classes will be determined by weight in the following classes: 

Compact / Estate - A tractor must be at least 40 years old (1965 model year in 2005, 1966 model year in 2006) to participate in the compact / estate class. Engine – stock block naturally aspirated Stock head, manifold, and carburetor (by part number). Manifolds are to be replacement-manufactured parts accepted for that make and model tractor. Stock RPM. Engine parts not in parts book for that specific tractor cannot be used. No electronic ignitions, square coils, MSD coils or chrome coils allowed.
Antique & Classic -
Both antique and classic pull in the same class. There will be no different numbering between them. A tractor at least 40 years old (1965 model year in 2005, 1966 model year in 2006) to participate in the classic class. No modified tractors will be allowed to participate. Engine – stock block naturally aspirated. Exceptions: Oliver 99 GM, etc. Stock head, manifold, and carburetor (by part number). Manifolds are to be replacement-manufactured parts accepted for that make and model tractor. Stock RPM. Engine parts not in parts book for that specific tractor cannot be used. No electronic ignitions, square coils, MSD coils or chrome coils allowed.
Exhibition - Stock tractors newer than the 40 year old model year up to 15,000 lbs, and modified tractors with sled operator's approval, can pull for exhibition only. Exhibition pulls will be permitted when time allows. Exhibition pull speeds will be approved by track officials and event representatives prior to pull.

All tractors are subject to inspection by the Pull Committee or the Track Judges. Any tractors judged to be unsafe or in violation of the rules will not be allowed to pull unless the problems are corrected.
Fuels - Gas, diesel or LP fuels only. Gas is allowed a maximum of 750 specific gravity. No alcohol or nitrous oxide fuels or fuel additives may be used in antique and classic tractors. Tractors manufactured to use diesel fuel only can not be converted to or boosted by LP.

Weights - No weights except wheel weights and frame mounted weights that were factory original at the time tractor was manufactured may be used. These weights are to be mounted the same way the manufacturer intended them to be mounted. Tires may be liquid ballasted to bring tractor to the desired weight. All weights should be secured properly as dropped weights are cause for disqualification.

Hitches - The draw bar must be original or match factory specifications. The draw bar must accept a three-quarter (3/4) inch diameter hitch pin and may be adjusted to no more than twenty (20) inches above the ground. Drawbar will be locked stationary in all directions on tractors such as IH fast hitch, Ford 3 point hitch, etc . Drawbar height for Compact / Estate tractors not to exceed sixteen (16) inches above ground.

Rims and Wheels - Tires must be on a rim width not exceeding tire manufacturers recommended width. Pressed steel wheels are allowed front and rear. No chrome or aluminum wheels allowed. Maximum rim diameter is 38 inches. No radial tires allowed.

Maxiumum Tire Sizes:

No cut tires, and size markings to be clearly visible. See tire size chart below from Firestone Traction Field and Road and Firestone Field and Road Charts.

Maxiumum Tire Size Per Class:

• Tractor may pull in any one gear. Not allowed to shift torque or gear. MAXIMUM SPEED ALLOWED IS FOUR (4) MPH . Exceptions, exhibition pulls as set forth under exhibition class rules.
• Speed must be controlled by a hand throttle only. Strings, wires, or foot feeds will not be allowed.
• Drivers must remain on the seat and maintain full control of the tractor during the pull.
• Drivers must start the pull with a tight chain and at the starting signal from the Flagman.
• Tractors must stay within track boundaries. Out of bounds will result in disqualification and no scoring will take place after disqualification.
• If a tractor stops or stalls in the first thirty- (30) feet, the pull may be restarted, one time only, or pulled at the end of the class at the discretion of the driver.
• The front of the tractor may not raise over twelve (12) inches during the pull. A magnet and chain attached to the tractor near the front axle will determine the rise distance.
• Any parts falling off the tractor after being hooked and until the tractor is unhooked will result in disqualification.
• Tractors must STOP immediately at the red flag signal from the Flagman.
• A finish line must be used at all events, distance determined by event representative. For reasons of safety no tractor may pull beyond finish line.
• If a class is restarted for any reason, all tractors that are registered in the class and that have already pulled will be allowed to pull again.
• The order of pull in each class will be determined by the order of registration. A number indicating the class and order of pull will be assigned each tractor at registration. This number must be displayed on the tractor in such manner as required by event representatives.
Scoring - Events will be scored by one of two methods as determined by event representatives.
• Distance, as measured by the sled operator. Full pull distance may vary from event to event due to available track length.
• Percentage, calculated by the sled weight divided by the tractor weight.
• Scores will be posted as soon as possible after each pull.
• Drivers are asked not to bother the Score Keeper or Track Judge with unnecessary questions.
Judges – The pull will be conducted by three (3) judges determined by the Governing Board, Pull Committee and event representatives. The judge's decision on rules or safety violations will prevail for the duration of the event.
Appeal - Drivers removed from the pull for rules or safety violations may appeal the decision of the judges at the next scheduled board meeting.
Amendment of Rules - The rules may be changed by the Governing Board with the advice of the Pull Committee. Rules will not be changed for a period of three years with the exception of a safety issue or to clarify a questionable rule. Effective date to be posted on all printed rules.
Rules Applicable to Garden Tractor, Lawn Mower,
Geared Tractor and Hydrostat Tractor Classes
All Safety rules, Event rules, Procedure rules, Driver requirements, Registration rules, and Pulling rules used for Power From the Past Tractor Pulls will be adhered to unless specifically altered for the Garden Tractor / Lawn Mower Class.
• Entrants in this class must have an original type engine with a working governor, stock cam, head, valves, carburetor, use original type fuel, and shall have a maximum of four cylinders.
• Entrants may be any year model including current model year.
• Entrants must have a maximum of two drive wheels. If tractor is equipped with four-wheel drive only rear wheels can be powered during pull.
• Modifications to the frame or extended wheel bases are not permitted.
• Rims of 12 inches or less will be used unless factory equipped with different size rims. Tire chains, cut tires, or tires not offered as options by manufacturer are not permitted.
• Hitch height is not to exceed thirteen (13) inches and shall not extend more than twelve- (12) inches rearward from center of rear axle. Hitch must be secured in all directions.
• Weights cannot extend more than six (6) inches in front of the front tires and no more than even with rear tires. Rear wheel weights must meet OEM specifications, no homemade wheel weights allowed. All weights must be firmly secured to prevent loss during pull.
• The driver must remain in the seat and no “bouncing” is permitted.
• Changing gears during pull is not allowed in Geared Tractor Class. Can not adjust mechanical variable speed controls after pull is started.
• Hydrostat Tractor Class may adjust hydrostat during pull.
• Pull will end when forward movement stops, the tractor rears up in an unsafe manner, or the sled reaches a full pull. Scoring will be by distance.
• Entrants will be weighted with driver and all weights to be used in each class that is entered.
• Weight Classes will be determined by following weight ranges;
Modified Garden Tractors will be allowed to exhibition pull only with the event representative and sled operator approval.
As of April 2013 we belong to, Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Assn. Inc. Insurance.
 Their rules apply in all functions of the Club​